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Agile Project Manager 

If you want to elevate your project management skills 

In the “Agile Project Management” module at Corvinus University, participants will be taught to navigate the difficulties of modern project management. The core focus lies on cultivating the skills needed to adapt to a range of project scenarios, all while discovering a deep understanding of Agile methodologies. 

Emphasis will be placed on perfecting participants’ capacity to comprehend project dynamics, strategically advocate for their approaches, and skillfully implement Agile methodologies that align with both the project context and the team involved. 

This course defines Agile project management techniques, aiming to cultivate adept project managers. A pivotal aspect of the curriculum centers on effective communication within the Agile framework. 

Early bird application deadline: 19 October 2023.

Application deadline: 3 November 2023.

Program director: Blaskovics Bálint 

Program instructor: Blaskovics Bálint 

Length of program: 16  hours 

Language of the program: English

Early bird tuition fees: gross 217 000 HUF (including 27% VAT)

Tuition fees: gross 256 000 HUF (including 27% VAT)

Qualification offered by the program: Improving efficiency of project managers in agile environment. Moreover, project managers will be able to shape their projects to fit better for the agile environment and modern standards. 

Timing of the program:

  • 5*45;
    2023 November 10.  – start time: 13:00,
  • 5*45;
    2023 November 17. – start time: 13:00,
  • 6*45;
    2023  November 24. – start time: 13:00

The program will be launched if sufficient applicants apply.

Double up and get an extra discount!

Have you applied for our Self-management program? If you also complete Agile Project Manager as a second course, you will get an additional 10% discount on the price of this program, which you can combine with other discounts.


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Our programme is perfect for...

 The program is primarily recommended to project management practitioners, with or without PMP certification who are alreadyworking or planning to work with agile team(s) or in an agile organization

Topics of the module

Working in an agile environment requires a special skillset and mindset from the project managers in the 21st Century. Agile Project Managers are in a very special situation as they are having less and less power and authority but the responsibility for delivering quality product or a successful project remains the same as what is expected from “traditional “project managers in a waterfall environment. As agile is becoming more and more popular in many industries, having the ability to work efficiently or to motivate people in an agile environment is very crucial.  

This program will provide tricks and tips how the agile project managers can work smoothly with the key members of an agile organization and how agile project managers can support the project team members for maximizing the efficiency of the organization.  

  • Introduction of agile  (definition, Agile Manifesto, Introduction of agile  (definition, Agile Manifesto, SCRUM, agile transformation) 
  • Role of Agile Project Manager in an organization (key members, effective cooperation, expectations)  
  • Ceremonies + discussion (planning, stand-up, retrospective, program closing discussion+feedback) 


Admission requirements

At least two years of professional or institutional experience

Welcome to the Agile Project Manager!

I’m happy to welcome you to this transformative learning experience. In modern world, the role of Agile Project Managers has become pivotal. Throughout this course, we will dive into the principles and practices that underpin successful Agile project management. 

We offer interesting discussions, hands-on projects, and insightful exercises that will expand your horizons. Your contributions are important! 

Approach this opportunity with an open mind, as mastering Agile methodologies will undoubtedly enhance your professional toolkit. Let’s start this journey of learning and growth together at Corvinus University! 

Best regards, 
Blaskovics Bálint 

Corvinus University of Budapest

Blaskovics Bálint
Program director

About the instructor

Corvinus University of Budapest

Blaskovics Bálint

coming soon

After the certificate

By the end of the module participants will be able to… 

  • Understand the fundamentals of agile, the incremental delivery, the agile mindset, the benefit of agile in the daily work of a project manager.  
  • Explore the tools and techniques how to gather the relevant information and motivating the project team members for making the project successful.  
  • Identify the differences between the traditional and agile project manager view, what are the potential obstacles and difficulties which can be faced by the agile project manager and how to handle difficult and tricky situations. 
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