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Business Ethics Center


The activities of the Center for Business Ethics are based on the conviction that ethics is a relevant aspect at all levels of economic activities, from individual and organizational actions to macroeconomic and international levels. Complex economic problems require a multidisciplinary approach, in which models from economics and management psychology, and ethics play an indispensable role. We practice business ethics as a transdisciplinary science, in which critical-analytical and action-oriented knowledge can be creatively combined. Our main research areas focus on: ethics in economic organizations, spirituality in the economy, sustainable business models.

Value Creation for a Sustainable World – project

The project aims to explore new business models and practices that link human wealth creation with ecological regeneration. Methodology is based on case study comparison and overview. We concluded, that researched models are mainly based on the intrinsic motivation of stakeholders and measure success in a multidimensional way. Institutional frameworks and business practices can be developed to improve material and non-material well-being of people and the restoration of natural systems

Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center

Rózsa Zoltán

Kelemen Kálmán


Journal for the Study of Spirituality Volume 12 (2022), Issue 2, pp. 131-145.

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With research institutions at: Penn State University; Concordia University Montreal; Columbia University; Economy of Francesco (Vatican); Grenoble School of Management


The research center’s focus is revolved around case study methodology and comparison.

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