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KRTK Databank presentation

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

On 7 December, 2021, the Library organized a presentation about KRTK Databank. Two colleagues from KRTK, János Köllő and Melinda Tir, have been invited. They talked about the details of the current contract between Corvinus and KRTK, including potential users, those are: Corvinus Faculty/Researchers, Corvinus Students (under the supervision of a Corvinus Faculty member). In addition, the participants got a deep insight about the content of the databases and several research ideas and completed projects have also been demonstrated. Some technical details about server usage have also been shown. 

Supporting further cooperation, they have called the participants’ attention to the STATA course, that is going to be held in February, 2022. Registration is open and available at adatbank@krtk.hu, detailed course description can be read here. 

For students also internship is offered, inquiries can be made at adatbank@krtk.hu. 

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