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Jácint Farkas joins CIAS as a full-time researcher

Jácint Farkas joined the CIAS on 1st February, 2022 as a full-time employee.

Jácint Farkas is a philosopher as regards his profession, interest and dedication. His PhD dissertation entitled “Possibilities of fulfilment lying in existential disability – an insight into the meaning of the concept” was defended in 2021, with summa cum laude qualification, in the Doctoral Programme of Sociology and Communication Science of Budapest Corvinus University. 

 The centre of his scrutinies is the mapping of the existential, hermeneutical and Buddhist philosophical dimensions of disability and accessibility. During his doctoral studies, as a UNKP (Hungarian New National Excellence Programme) scholar he researched the explicit and implicit messages of communication, sociology, tourism and oriental philosophy, as well as the potential connections of philosophy to network science. In the training period he had the opportunity to participate in a five-week internship at the department of Philosophy of the University College Dublin, which allowed him to deepen the knowledge of philosophy, besides the improvement of his English language skills.  

As a research fellow of CIAS he also works, applying the above-mentioned philosophical scrutinies, for the institutional implementation of the objectives specified in the Accessibility and Disability Policy of Corvinus University – both at theoretical and practical level –, for which excellent conditions are created by ERS Hub. Jácint has been an active participant in the activity of this body since its foundation. 

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