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Introduction of Tímea Görgényi

Introduction of Tímea Görgényi

Head of Student Recruitment – Hungary

Department: Communication of Corvinus

Line Manager: Apáti-Tóth Kata Head of Communications

Görgényi Tímea


Role and professional background

I joined Corvinus University – as the head of student recruitment in Hungary – with the aim of promoting the involvement of the top students in the education of the University from all over the country.

My main responsibility is to design and implement a domestic student recruitment strategy that, in line with the strategic objectives of the University, can make Corvinus one of the leading institutions in the field of both, economic and social sciences as well.

In addition to my legal qualifications, I consider myself a recruitment and HR specialist, and I have worked in a number of global organizations with high expectations. I have lived in London for 12 years, where I had the opportunity to learn the full process of recruitment, both from the agency and the corporate perspective as well. I am confident that as a useful member of the team, I can contribute a lot to achieve our common goals.

Hobbies and interests

I’m from the beautiful Szekely Land (Transylvania). I left my hometown for further studies in Budapest that became my second home, before settling in London. I have evolved and became an open-minded person who respects cultural diversity through the values brought from home and the years spent in England together.

My passion is folk dancing. I am the proud founder of a Hungarian dance group in London (http://hunique.co.uk/). I like to complete culinary journeys and travel through the world of flavours. Sport is also a part of my life: I have completed several marathons, I am cycling, diving, and rock-climbing in my spare time. And most importantly, I am happy to live at home again and work for the next generation. 

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