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Introduction of Szonja Schima

Position: Digital content manager
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Education: community organizer (human developer), Eötvös Loránd UniversityOrganizational 
Unit: Communication
Line Manager: Kata Apáti-Tóth – Head of Communications, Gyöngyi Laufer – Senior Digital and Social Media Expert

Position and professional background 

At Corvinus my primary task is to restructure the content of the University’s completely renewing website and to process and control the content demand.

I manage and operate the future content management system, in continuous cooperation with other organizational units of the university. In addition, I control and structure the tasks of the student staff working in my department and I delegate tasks to them.

During my university years I completed my internship at MOL, in the communication team. Corvinus is my first (non-trainee) job, I graduated from university in spring. For this very reason I am extremely excited about the tasks and challenges that await me; and I am especially pleased that I will be managing a new project that is just emerging and that the website will be shaped and developed with me. 

Hobbies and interests

I often spend my free time with taking photos. I really like traveling, there are still plenty of places on my bucket list where I want to go to. It is important for me to spend a lot of time with both my friends and my family, as well as with Füge (Fig), my 9-year-old Labrador.

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