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Introduction of Anna Schlett

Introduction of Anna Schlett
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem


Anna Schlett

internal communication expert

Qualification: Hungarian language and literature teacher (ELTE), communication / PR expert (ELTE, BKF)

Organizational unit: Corvinus Communication

Superior: Kata Apáti-Tóth – communications manager, Veronika Szandtner – PR expert

With more than twenty years of experience in PR and marketing communications, I joined the Corvinus Communications team mid-November as an internal communications expert. On the one hand, I am responsible for planning internal communication contents, activities and campaigns related to the life of the University, and for monitoring the content of Corvinus News; on the other hand, the development and management of change communication in support of the renewal program in collaboration with management and the HR area.

My career started in the field of press relations, in public administration, after which I devoted 14 years to culture as the head of the communication department of the Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery. In the last two years I got to know the operation of a for-profit higher education at the Budapest Metropolitan University, where I led the content team in the field of marketing communication, which is also responsible for the recruitment of students.

In my work, I am always inspired when I have the opportunity to be creative, to think solution-oriented, both individually and as part of a support team. I believe that the greatest motivating force for a professional is being an active participant in innovative initiatives and awareness-raising changes; and in doing so not only contributing to the success of the given cause or organization but also having a much wider impact on the life of smaller or larger communities through the results of our work.

I love having a system in all areas of my life, I always strive for synergy. I believe in openness to the world and the importance of lifelong learning – although, as the parent of two adolescents and as the owner of a rescue puppy, I need it every day.

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