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International guest lecture series at the Department of Public Policy

The end of this semester is full of exciting enrichment opportunities at the Department of Public Policy. The department will host a series of excellent international researchers who will be sharing their newest research on a range of topics. The first speaker is Prof Markus Ketola, a senior lecturer in Global and International Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh, one of Europe’s top four and the world’s top ten schools in the field. His timely open lecture on November 28 is titled: “He who pays the piper calls the tune: Understanding the impact of EU civil society funding in Turkey and Northern Ireland.”

His research interests are broadly located in civil society studies, particularly looking at the role of NGOs in the design and delivery of social policy and the relationships between NGOs and supranational actors, such as the EU. His research has investigated the impact of EU funding (Europeanization and Civil Society, Palgrave Macmillan 2013) and neoliberalism (Neoliberalism and the Voluntary and Community Sector in Northern Ireland, Policy Press 2021) on civil society. Prior to his time at Edinburgh, he was based at Ulster University (Belfast) and completed his PhD at the London School of Economics (2010) in the Department of Social Policy.

Time and place: 13.40, November 28. C204

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