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Information on the pandemic

Due to the deteriorating pandemic situation, strict restrictions will come into force from Monday.

Due to the deteriorating pandemic situation, strict restrictions will come into force from Monday. Among others kindergartens and primary schools will be closed for a month, for this reason lots of colleagues have more responsibilities at home.


The Presidential Committee provision on University Measures Necessary Due to the Epidemic Situation, published last November (Presidential Committee provision No. 58/2020 XI.13 on measures to reduce the risks associated with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic), is still in force which can be retrieve at this link.

The possibility of working from home for each organizational unit is decided by the person exercising the right of direct employer and informing the colleagues. In the case of organizational units where work from home cannot be solved, the University management strives for the safe spatial separation of colleagues. Fo that, the negotiation rooms capacities available at the university can also be used, and if a temporary office is needed for secure segregation, Infrastructural Services will help colleagues of the organisation unit who are still commuting by opening smaller classrooms.

We have a spiritually stressful year behind us due to the pandemic situation. We are facing a difficult period again in the coming weeks, so it is important to pay attention to each other, to support each other remotely until personal encounters are made possible again. If you feel that you need spiritual support during this period, feel free to contact the two counseling psychologists of the Teacher Training and Digital Learning Center, who provide online consultation opportunities for colleagues

(Corvinus University of Budapest – Psychological and Mental Hygiene Counselors) instructors and employees (

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