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Individual counseling

The service is free of charge and guarantees complete discretion, provided by the licenced psychologists and mental health professionals of the Student Support Services.

How can you ask for an appointment?

You can request an appointment via studentcounseling@uni-corvinus.hu. Please summarize your problem in some sentences. You can help effective scheduling process by providing all your free timeslots from Monday-Friday. We do our best to respond in 1 working day and try to offer appointment in a week time.

What can you expect from a counseling process?

Counseling works with a problem-focused mindset and limited number of sessions. We define a focus, goal based on the initial exploration of the problem. We are going to work on that together. The aim of the professional is to create a space which is safe, empathic, and non-judgmental providing opportunity to work with emotions, thoughts even if they seem to be difficult. We believe that you are the expert of your own life therefore we do not intend to give advice, instant solutions. We help you to mobilize your internal/external resources, change perspective, strengthen/acquire skills which can enable you to cope with the problem more effectively.

What kind of difficulties can make you ask for an appointment?

  • Struggling with pandemic situation
  • Cultural shock, hard to adjust, feeling homesick
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in mood (feeling sad, empty or irritated, significantly elevated mood, mood swings)
  • Hard to manage stress
  • You do not understand the reason of your emotions
  • Difficult to manage your anger
  • Problem to make a decision
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Body image problems
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Family conflicts
  • Loss (e. g. death, break up)
  • Substance abuse
  • Experiencing hallucination
  • Having suicidal/self-mutilating thoughts, intentions, attempts
  • Feel worry about somebody

How many sessions can we offer?

You can request 1-6 sessions in an academic year.

How long does a session last?

45 min.

Who will support you?

Licensed psychologists having experience in various fields offer their help.

How can we response to session cancellation/no show?

In case you cancel an appointment/ask for reschedule/do not attend without notification within 48 hours of the scheduled date, we can consider your session as a completed one effecting the remaining number of sessions you are eligible for. Commitment and continuity are crucial when working in counseling process and by that other students’ need is also respected who are waiting for a counseling appointment.

What is not in the scope of a counseling process?

Treating psychiatric problems, working with, changing deep personality structures is not aimed by counseling. Psychotherapy which is a much longer and deeper work addresses such questions. In case we find psychotherapy is indicated we will inform you.

What happens if your problem appears to require further professional support/intervention?

We provide you with information about opportunities which might include services supported by your insurance or Hungarian Social Security Card (TAJ) or private ones.

How can you help yourself or a peer if you perceive emergency?

Student Support Services does not have the opportunity to treat emergency cases. If you feel, you/your friend can not wait with the problem until the received appointment, call your/her insurance company who can help you/her with more info to book an appointment at a psychiatric provider covered by your insurance or call the International emergency line 112.

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