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These programmes are only available at Corvinus! 

2022-07-20 14:59:21

The academic year 2023/24 will start with new programmes at Corvinus.

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If you are taking the entrance exam in the next academic year, you can now apply for our new programmes, which are very popular in Western Europe. What’s more, all three of our programmes in Hungary only start at Corvinus. 

All three of our courses are new in this country, as they have been available mainly in Western Europe and the United States. However, these programmes will be available in the next entrance exam period, providing relevant and useful knowledge for the exciting professions of the future. All our courses are in English.  

The PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) degree programme, which is very popular in Western Europe, launches at Corvinus in Hungary. Our programme will give you a deep and solid grounding if you want to work in politics, economics or science as an analyst, manager or even as a public policy expert.   

In Western countries, these courses have produced a significant proportion of the next generation of social elites, including leading and world-famous politicians such as David Cameron, former UK Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, former Australian Prime Minister, and Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist Malala Yousafzai. If you successfully complete your studies with us, you will not only be able to see through social, economic and political problems, but also to interpret, compare and critically analyse possible responses. You will also have a very complex knowledge base, which will be an excellent foundation for your master’s degree or professional work.  

Although the demand for data analytics-based expertise is growing, there has been no university education for professional analysis of business data in Hungary. If you want to graduate in this programme, you can become a professional with the methodological, IT and business skills required for data analysis and modelling, and learn the ability to combine and apply them in independent problem solving.  

The programme will provide you with the competitive skills to extract relevant information and knowledge from company data and create real value for business. After graduation, you can choose from plenty of options, as you can apply for all master’s programmes in economics here, or work as a data analyst in multinational companies or even smaller firms.  

This programme will also be unique in Hungary and will also be available only at Corvinus. Our new degree is a precursor to PPE, but we also welcome applications from students from economics and social sciences majors who want to acquire complex knowledge and become leaders in economic or political fields.  

Our Political Economy course also provides targeted and structured knowledge tailored to the market requirements, preparing students to make complex interpretations of economic and political events and phenomena, to conduct analyses and to carry out deep comparative analyses of social systems and regimes.   

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