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Keep this in mind if you graduate now! 

2022-04-22 14:19:17

We have summarised the most important deadlines related to the closing of your studies.

From 19 April 2022 (Tuesday), 10:00 to 2 May 2022 (Monday), 16:00: this is the time when you can submit your thesis and report for the final exam.   


  • Check accesses: Neptun access right; Check access rights:: Moodle access right: visibility of thesis line in the Neptun web interface; check the data in the Neptun thesis line, particularly the name of the supervisor; Moodle trial upload, check visibility of programme 

Until 22.04.2022 

  • Initiate ‘Thesis acceptance request’ in the Neptun, to ask for the supervisor’s approval 

10:00 19.04.2022 – 10:00 28.04.2022 

  • Submit thesis 

10:00 19.04.2022 – 16:00 02.05.2022 

Good to know!   

  • Your thesis will be checked with a plagiarism programme, you can also run it in advance, if you want to make sure that the trial upload in the Moodle will be all right. 

What happens if you miss the deadline?  

After the thesis submission period, you can submit your thesis in the next submission period only, i.e. in the next semester.   

Correction in the thesis   

Once you have submitted your thesis, you may not withdraw it, it will be assessed. A successful (i.e. evaluated with a grade other than insufficient) thesis cannot be corrected. Papers assessed as insufficient may be corrected twice, but you have to pay a fee for that.  


More information can be found here. (Scroll down for English version!)

Final examination 

  • Examination period for students taking the final examination 

23.05.2022 – 03.06.2022  

  • Final examination period  

13.06.2022 – 25.06.2022  

  • Administration week to prepare for the final examination  
  • 07.06.2022 – 

Good to know!   

  • You have to report for the final examination separately in the Neptun, through the Administration/Final examinations menu item. 
  • You have to report for the final examination even if your paper produced for the Students’ Scientific Association was accepted as a thesis. 

Click here for more details! 

Diplomas will be handed over from 25 to 30 July 2022. After the final examination period, students who obtained their degrees will receive detailed information. 

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