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Holism Resurfacing: How Far Should We Go With It? – Article by Márta Ujvári

2021-12-15 12:41:28

The article by Professor Emeritus Márta Ujvári was published in the Metaphysica – International Journal for Ontology and Metaphysics.

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The recent holistic trends in metaphysics are surveyed here and a tentative typology is offered. The non-linear mode of composition is suggested as the key feature of holism, apart from its familiar non-reductionism and emergentism. It is argued that those holistic views are promising that refrain from extreme relationalism based on the denial of there being self-subsistence particulars; also, those refraining from the postulation of an unarticulated all-embracing whole where both relations and terms are denied to be genuine ontological items. The further suggestion is that a trade-off between the holistic perspective and the limits imposed upon it in the form of built-in confinements may help in making this metaphysics go. 


Ujvari, M. (2021). Holism Resurfacing: How Far Should We Go With It? METAPHYSICA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR ONTOLOGY & METAPHYSICS22(2), 133–155. https://doi.org/10.1515/mp-2020-0033  


SJR 2020: 0.388 

Q1 (Philosophy) 

Q3 (Mathematical Physics) 

AIp 2020: – 

Dr. Ujvári Márta marta.ujvari@uni-corvinus.hu Kommunikáció és Szociológia Intézet / Szociológia és Társadalompolitika Tanszék
Professzor Emeritus / Prof. Emeritus
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