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Greetings from Gyula Vastag


Dear Colleagues, 

It was exactly a year ago, in December 2020, when I welcomed you to the very first issue of our new brainchild, the Research News or R-News in short. Now, it is the fifth issue, and it is the last time that I am tasked to write – let’s just recap the demanding criteria I had to meet every time – a short, informative, and enjoyable foreword. While I cannot deny that it is a relief to get rid of this duty (I am not a masochistic person after all), I am getting a little emotional in re-capping what happened recently in our neck of woods. 

As I stated numerous times, “One of our goals with the R-News was to create a platform for research related information exchange and, just looking at the items covered, we may have succeeded.” In this issue of R-News, you will find information about the many initiatives and opportunities Corvinus University offers. Selectively sampling from the many items: the Announcement for the 2022 Corvinus Research Excellence Award was published. In 2022, like in 2021, scores will be computed using publications of the last three academic years (2021, 2020 and 2019) but it will be the last year using three-year aggregates. In 2023, only the preceding two years (2022 and 2021) will be counted and from 2024 only the previous year (2023 in this case) will be considered. In submitting your application (and other applications, like conference attendance) through the Workflow system, you will notice a revamped, smoother, more efficient interface – we hope you will like it. 

December 9th was the last Research Brunch of the year. Unfortunately, but understandably, due to the pandemic situation we were forced to organize it online but even in this form it was a significant event in the life of the University’s research community. 

Some “tacepaos” are displayed on the second floor of the main building; they have the most recent, internationally noted publications by Corvinus authors. Speaking about international fame, if you think you have some notable achievements related to teaching excellence in the broader Operations/Production Management/Supply Chain Management domain, please check the announcement on the Wickham Skinner Teaching Innovation Award 2022; I am chairing the award committee and will be happy to provide more information. 


Take care and stay safe, 


Gyula Vastag 

Professor, Former Vice-Rector for Research 

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