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Expanded content in Orbis Europe database

From May 2022, small and medium-scale enterprises’ (SMEs) data are also available in Orbis Europe database.

Corvinus University’s subscription to Orbis Europe comprehensive financial database started in May 2021. The original version included very large and large companies. During the past year the database has become a very popular one among Corvinus researchers but content – lack of SMEs data – has been claimed several times. In response to the demand from academics, from May 2022 the Orbis Europe database has been expanded to include European SMEs in addition to large companies. Financial support for the expanded database was provided by the following units:

  • University Library (50%)
  • 4 institutions: (25%)
    • Institute of Business Economics
    • Institute of Management
    • Institute of Information Technology
    • Institute for the Development of Enterprises
    • Institute of Finance, Accounting and Business Law
  • Erika Jáki (25%) Habilitated Associate Professor at the Institute for the Development of Enterprises, who won the Post-Covid grant with International Research Group leaded by her. Details of the research can be found on the MTA website under „nyertes pályázatok”.
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