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The Impact of Positive Information Sharing on Banks’ Lending to Households

Research Seminar by Ibolya Schindele.
2023.05.08. 11:40 – 2023.05.08. 12:40
1093. Budapest, Fővám tér 8.
E épület
III.-as terem

Kapcsolódó elérhetőségek

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Date and Time: 08 May, 2023, Monday, 11:40-12:40 (Budapest time) 

Venue: Corvinus Main Building, Ground Floor, Room E.III 

Language: English 

Abstract: What is the impact of positive information sharing on households’ access to credit? Exploiting a nation-wide introduction of mandatory information sharing between banks on borrowers` current exposures, we differentiate between borrowers who apply to new banks and those who reapply to banks with already established credit contracts, as well as between borrowers with and without past negative information. We find an overall increase in credit access, in application success and credit amount, for all borrower groups. In addition, we show that while credit access increases, default rates decrease, hence “positive” information sharing may boost aggregate welfare. 

Click here to access the author’s website. 

Please note that this Teams link is only in case you are unable to join the seminar in the Corvinus University of Budapest, room E.III. However, the meeting will be generally held offline. 

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