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The future of Banking Union and Capital Markets Union: Views from Central Eastern Europe

The Corvinus European Public Policy Seminar Series, an online seminar series held by Corvinus, continues.
2022.09.29. 16:00
1093. Budapest, MS Teams
Information: zoltan.adam@uni-corvinus.hu

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Furthering financial integration is a crucial aspect of the European project and an important way to support green and digital transformations. Following the financial and sovereign debt crisis of 2008-2013, the EU has pushed ahead with the Banking Union. However, the full implementation of this initiative is still ahead of us. Moreover, to support green and digital transformations, the Union should progress with the Capital Markets Union. For both, while there are clear potential gains for all Member States, different countries are in different positions. Costs and benefits, as well as their timing, might also differ. Hence, the political economy of reforms is an issue. This seminar aims to bring out the views on these issues from Central and Eastern Europe.  

Panel members: 

Please, register to the seminar here. The seminar will be accessible through this link

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