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Telescope guide to the Campus of the Future 

A telescope on the 7th floor of Building C will bring students closer to the renovation works on Ménesi út in Buda.
2023.03.02. 17:00
7th floor terrace of building C

Kapcsolódó elérhetőségek

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Participants will also get to see the details of the project and the new features while enjoying a cup of tea. The Campus development process started in 2020 and aims to create a sustainable education and innovation center with technology-intensive, inspiring spaces. It is a place for sharing quality personal moments, where fruitful collaboration is a given, and where innovation can thrive. 

The project is managed by the Maecenas Universitatis Corvini Foundation, the Campus will be used by the citizens of the University. 

Location: 7th floor terrace of building C

The event requires pre-registration, which is available on this link.  

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