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Research Week participants can choose from a wide range of programmes

For the ninth time, the Corvinus’ knowledge sharing professional event will be organised by Research Management between 10-13 June.
2024.06.10. 09:30 – 2024.06.13. 15:45
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

This year’s thematic programme will provide an opportunity for the academic community to showcase its latest research results and to share its expertise with interested research colleagues. 

On Monday, the short opening session will be followed by a roundtable discussion with university leaders involved in the implementation of the University’s research strategy, as well as researchers who contribute significantly to Corvinus’ international embeddedness and research performance. Later an interactive discussion will investigate how to find impactful research question in finance or applied economics. A plenary presentation from Péter Baranyi about the AI-controlled systems will open the programmes on Tuesday, and the following session will focus on smartphone research about informal waste collection. After that, the recently established Centre for Contemporary Asia Studies will be introduced. Wednesday’s plenary session will be held by Alexandra Köves on the different approaches to sustainability, followed by a presentation about China’s rise as a great power. The final day on Thursday will be opened with lectures on health economics, followed by a programme organized by Science Shop on how to generate positive impact in local communities through teaching and research. The Research Week will end with a presentation about the visual media discourse of violence. 

Besides these programmes, CIAS visiting fellows and PhD students will present their research, and there will be opportunity to participate in individual or small group consultations with the colleagues of the University Library and ERGO. 

The above list of programmes is certainly not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of the diverse offering of Research Week. The detailed programme is available here  

After the Monday morning programmes, a standing reception is organised for Research Week participants. Participation in the round table discussions and the standing reception is subject to registration, which can be done here until 5 June. 

See you at the Research Week events from 10 to 13 June! 

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