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Online Research Week at Corvinus University of Budapest. Let’s Organize it Together Again!

Following a highly successful series of events in January, we will be hosting Corvinus Research Week again in early summer this year.
2024.05.20. 18:17
1093. Budapest, Online event
Entry fee: pl. 4000/fő
Information: btotheva@uni-corvinus.hu

The series of events will open up an opportunity for a professional dialogue in the online space instead of University halls again, where colleagues may present their ongoing or completed research projects to the University’s teaching-research community, draw ideas from the work of others, and discuss research topics and collaboration opportunities. Diverse programmes, workshops, research-related training, lectures by invited foreign guests, and much more await those interested at this five-day event organized in 14-18 June 2021.


We are open to applications from colleagues who want to be programme organizers or speakers; or would like to report on their research projects to the general public, in addition to their colleagues; or have a good workshop idea that could provide an opportunity to share research ideas with others; or perhaps have an exciting research methodology that they would like to show to others!

We are making preparations for offering novelties in June as well!

We will present software applications subscribed for by the University to support education and research, by providing answers to how, for what purpose, and under what conditions our colleagues can use them.

Once again, we will organize a Meet the Editor workshop, providing an opportunity to the lead editor of the third excellent international journal now to share with the audience his thoughts and experiences on the mysteries of effective publication practices. The exact date of the event and the lecturer will be announced soon.

From our lecture on Publication Metrics, you can get information on the list of international journals Corvinus University of Budapest considers valuable for its research strategy, together with its reasons for selecting them.

We will have an adventure in the footsteps of the impact, as part of a personal adventure game you can experience yourself.

Online Research Week dates: 14-18 June 2021, and its venue is the Research Week’s online TEAMS site.

During the Online Research Week, researchers and lecturers from any institute or research centre may hold workshops, or organize discussions or lectures.

For this, you need to do the following:
Log on to the “Research Week online” public TEAMS site

Enter (among the Files) in the excel spreadsheet there, the programme you would hold (title, organizer, genre). This table is directly accessible from here.

Fill in the Template for Describing your Programmme that you can find among Files, and send it tp Éva Bordás-Tóth to the e-mail addressbtotheva@uni-corvinus.hu no later than on 26 May 2021, so that we can publish your planned programme through our online sites!

Invite anyone you think may be interested in the programme or would like to be there, and of course come to any other programmes as well!

We will create a separate channel for each programme, to which external guests may be invited and materials may be uploaded. Here you will be able to hold you own event.

Should you have any questions, please contact us! Let’s organize it together again online!

Research Management Office

For more information on the programme:
Éva Bordás-Tóth, research manager
Phone: +36703648181 

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