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Online PhD Thesis Defence by Tímea Pápay Bróka

“The Purpose and Types of Organizational Gossip”
2024.04.17. 01:32
1093. Budapest, Online event
Entry fee: pl. 4000/fő
Information: +36 1 234-56-78 / eszter.viragh@uni-corvinus.hu

The University Doctoral Council of Corvinus University of Budapest has allowed the public defence of the doctoral thesis titled “The Purpose and Types of Organizational Gossip” written by doctoral candidate Tímea Pápay Bróka (Doctoral School of Sociology and Communication Science).

  • The defence will be conducted in English language.
  • Supervisor: Károly Takács PhD, MTA TK
  • Members of the Thesis Defence Committee:
  • Chair: Tamás Bartus PhD habil. BCE
  • Secretary: Lilla Vicsek PhD BCE
  • Reviewers: Júlia Anna Koltai PhD ELTE, MTA TK, Henriett Primecz PhD BCE
  • Members: Béla Janky PhD habil. BME, Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky PhD MTA TK

Documents of the thesis and the defence are available for inspection in the University Repository. Please indicate your intention to attend no later than two days before the defence, by sending your registration to the email address: eszter.viragh@uni-corvinus.hu. Please provide your Corvinus email address, if you have one! Only those with prior registration can join the TEAMS group.

Under Provisions no. 32/2020. (V. 6.) of the Presidential Committee, that session of the online public thesis defence which is public to a limited extent will be conducted by using the Office 365 –Teams software application, which must be available to all participants in the discussion. Those wishing to participate in the defence may, within five calendar days of the publication of the invitation, formulate written questions or remarks related to the thesis and send them – together with their details (name, place of work, position and e-mail address) – to the email address of the secretary of the Committee: lilla.vicsek@uni-corvinus.hu

Those interested can continuously follow up any expected or completed defences on the University’s website, in ‘News and Events’, as well as separately under the menu item ‘PhD Defences’.

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