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Meet former and present Corvinus students as local producers at the first Farmers’ Market!

Would you like to meet enterprising producers who used to be the students of Corvinus?
2023.05.09. 09:30 – 2023.05.09. 15:30
1093. Budapest, Közraktár utca 4-6.
Area in front of Building C.

Kapcsolódó elérhetőségek

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Would you like to meet enterprising producers who used to be the students of Corvinus? Can you tell the difference between products purchased in a supermarket and at a farmers’ market? Do you know the advantages of locally produced goods and shopping in the farmers’ market? 

Come and ask the producers at the first farmers market at Corvinus University! The Department of Agricultural Economics of the Institute of Sustainable Development is pleased to invite all students and colleagues to get acquainted with the atmosphere of the market and the domestic flavours. 

Come and let’s do something together for sustainability!

The producers:

Márton Gere 

I graduated in 2020 as an economic and rural development engineer with agricultural specialisation. Presently I am a full-time primary producer, I grow vegetables. I will take mainly early spring vegetables (spinach, lettuce, pak-choi, onion, beetroot) and microgreens, as well as soup packages and beetroot pickles, to the market. 

Áron Borda 

 I graduated in 2018 from the Economic and Rural Development Engineer programme, completed the Enterprise Development Master Programme in 2021, and I have been a PhD student at the Doctoral School of Business and Management with agricultural specialisation since 2022. In addition, I work as a primary producer on the Szentendre Island, at a family farm. I will sell cow’s milk and dairy products, free-range eggs, seasonal vegetables and meat products. 

Milán Szűcs 

I graduated in 2021 from the Rural Development Engineer programme (Corvinus University of Budapest). Presently, I study to be a plant doctor at the University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and work as a sales and marketing manager in the family farm (Borbás Kert). I will sell fruit juices, apple chips, apple, and strawberries. 

Lili Ágfalvai 

I started my studies in the International Relations programme in September 2021, this is my second year Beside the university, I work with bees in my spare time, or rather help in works related to the bees, for example, I go to markets to sell the products. In the Corvinus market, we will sell our own honey. 

Petrik Giricz 

I graduated from Corvinus in 2017 as an economic and rural development engineer. At the moment I work on my own farm, growing rice and other plants and producing seeds. At the farmers market, I will sell Hungarian rice produced and processed by myself, as well as Indian rice. 

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