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Habilitation lectures of Lilla Vicsek 

The habilitation lectures will take place on 27 April.
2023.04.27. 14:00
1093. Budapest, Közraktár utca 4-6
Building C
Lecture room X.
Corvinus Épület

Language: English and Hungarian 

Lilla Vicsek PhD habilitation lectures: 

Classroom lecture in Hungarian: “Technology, Power and Inequalities”  

  • Thursday 27 April 2023 15.30  
  •  Corvinus University of Budapest, Building C, Auditorium X. 

Scientific habilitation lecture in English: “Artificial intelligence and the future of work-from a sociology of expectations perspective” 

  • Thursday, 27 April 2023 14.00  
  • Corvinus University of Budapest, Building C, Auditorium X.  

Members of the Committee: 

  • Chair: Ariel Mitev PhD Corvinus 
  • Vice-Chairman/Internal Member: Beáta Nagy CSc Corvinus 
  • Internal member (expert): Zoltán Szántó CSc Corvinus 
  • External member (expert): Király Gábor PhD BGE 
  • External member: Eszter Pál PhD ELTE 
  • Secretary: Bence Ságvári PhD Corvinus 
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