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Guest Lecture of Professor Geert Bouckaert at Corvinus

The professor, who was present at last year's IRSPM conference (LINK below), will this time give a seminar and reflect with the audience on the Neo-Weberian state.
2024.04.30. 13:40
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date: 30 April 2024, 13:40 

Venue: Corvinus University, Building C Room C202 

Geert Bouckaert is professor at the KU Leuven Public Governance Institute, globally one of the leading institutes of its kind. As past-president of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences and former Vice-Chair of the Committee of Experts of Public Administration of ECOSOC, United Nations, he is a highly influential thought-leader in public administration. 

Professor Bouckaert is at the Department of Public Policy, holds his lectures regularly on the MSc the Public Policy and for all interested students and colleagues of the Corvinus University.  

He will give a lecture entitled The Neo-Weberian State: From Ideal-type Model to Reality? on 30 April, 13:40 in Room C202. 

All interested students and colleagues are welcome! 

Geert Bouckaert at ISPRM Conference in 2023 

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