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Get to know AIESEC!

Online info night
2024.05.21. 13:22
1093. Budapest, Online event
Entry fee: pl. 4000/fő
Information: +36 1 234-56-78 / hungary@aiesec.net
Facebook event link

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led international organization, which was founded after World War II to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential through developing leadership and cultural understanding in youth. AIESEC in Corvinus is the first Local Committee of AIESEC in Hungary, founded in 1972. Since then, our professional, ambitious, dedicated community contributes to a better Hungarian society through our programs, and the development of exceptional young professional talents.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

What is a modern employer looking for in a graduate?

Self awareness and confidence. Valuable, diverse practical experience. Fluency in multiple languages. Excellent references.

What can being an AIESECer offer you?

All of these, and so much more! As a member of AIESEC, you have the chance to enhance your university studies with learning-by-doing through teamwork in diverse projects. -you are supported by a mentor, numerous trainings & conferences, and our exuberant, dedicated community. Make your uni years both valuable & memorable with us!

Learn more about what opportunities we have in store for you at our online Info Night (February 9th, 18:00).

If they’ve piqued your curiosity, apply here: aiesec.hu/join & follow them on Instagram @lc_bce for the latest updates and for getting an insight into our everydays! 

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