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Final conference of the New National Programme of Excellence 2023/2024

For the 7th time now, the annual institutional closing conference of the New National Excellence Scholarship Programme will be held, where the winners of the 2023/2024 academic year will present their research results. The conference is part of this year's Research Week.
2024.06.12. 09:00 – 2024.06.12. 16:35
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date: Wednesday 12 June 2024 9.00-16.35  

Venue: rooms 101, 102, 104, 108 of Corvinus Building C  


The fellows will present their research in Hungarian in 11 sessions in 4 rooms, in parallel time slots.  

The conference which is part of the Research Week presentations will be available to the public in person.  

The detailed programme in Hungarian is available here. 

Room C.104 

      I.      Tourism and marketing section  

     II.      Finance, accounting section 

Room C.101 

     III.     Companies, enterprises section 

     IV.     Multidisciplinary Section 

      V.     Regional Economics Section 

Room C.108 

     VI.     International economy section 

    VII.     Sociology and society section 

    VIII.    Health economics and methodology section

      IX.    Communication section 

Room C.102 (opening) 

       X.    Politics section  

      XI.    Digitalisation section 


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