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Eurasian Summer School at Corvinus

During the Intensive Week you can attend the Eurasian Summer School’s lecture about The EU and the EEU: Between Conflict and Competition, Convergence and Cooperation.
2022.09.05. 09:50 – 2022.09.09. 15:10
1093. Budapest, Fővám tér 8.
Building C
Lecture Hall 102.
Information: tamas.matura@uni-corvinus.hu

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Corvinus Épület

The European Union stands as the world’s most ambitious attempt at regional integration and interdependence. To its East, the Eurasian Economic Union claims to aim for coordination and integration, yet conflicts around the borders of the former Soviet Union have undermined chances of cooperation with the West. Further East again, rising China has a growing role in global economic interdependence and has outlined an ambitious program of infrastructure connectivity across Eurasia and beyond, with its Belt and Road Initiative. The prospects for conflict are highlighted by geopolitical tensions and systemic competition. Meanwhile, it remains uncertain if globalization trends will drive further convergence and cooperation or whether globalization and cooperation in Eurasia are in retreat. What questions must we answer, what strategies must we develop for the new emerging regional order? Learn from experts, network with like-minded researchers from across the region, investigate scenarios, risks, and opportunities from cross-disciplinary and multiple perspectives in our 2022 Intensive Week Eurasian Summer School. Make up your own mind about the key issues facing Eurasia in the decade ahead. 

More information about the programme can be found here

You don’t need to register, you should just hit “Going” in the Facebook event

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