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Doctoral defence of Ágnes Meleg

Dissertation entitled: "Comprehensive competence assessment and evaluation in higher education using learning analytics methods and techniques".
2024.06.20. 15:30
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date: 20 June 2024, Thursday, 15.30  

Venue: Corvinus Main Building 3001  


The Doctoral Committee of Corvinus University of Budapest has approved the doctoral thesis of Ágnes Meleg, PhD candidate, entitled “Comprehensive Competency Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education using Learning Analytics Methods and Techniques/Teljes körű kompetenciamérés és -értékelés a felsőoktatásban tanuláselemzési módszerek és technikák alkalmazásával“.   


Opponents of the thesis: Tibor Kovács PhD, Corvinus; Gábor Kismihók PhD, TIB, Hannover  

Thesis Supervisors: Réka Franciska Vas PhD, Corvinus 

The public defence will be in Hungarian.  


The public session will be open to all participants, who will have the opportunity to make comments and ask questions. The thesis is available at the Library of Corvinus University of Budapest and at this link. 

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