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Data Analysis in Practice – Raha Akhavan’s lecture on Sports Analytics

We will start the new year with international guests Raha Akhavan Tabatabaei, Ph.D. and her colleagues from Sabancı University, Istanbul. Can Social Media Predict Soccer Clubs' Stock Prices? The Case of Turkish Teams
2021.01.12. 17:00
1093. Budapest, Fővám tér
Entry fee: pl. 4000/fő
Information: +36 1 234-56-78 / peter.vekas@uni-corvinus.hu
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

 The event will be online in Zoom. Join here!

Finance literature in sports focuses on three main methods of stock price prediction in soccer: based on match results, pre-match expectations or match importance. For pre-match expectations, betting odds is commonly used as the indicator of investors’ sentiments. We propose to include Twitter data as another indicator of this variable, and analyze the links between soccer match results, sentiments, and stock returns of the four major Turkish soccer teams. Our results show that social media can be a strong indicator of pre-match expectations and investors’ sentiments in stock price prediction.

Facebook event is available here.

We kindly welcome anyone interested in the topic.

The organizers:
Péter Vékás and László Tőkés

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