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Danube Cup 2022

Conference: Entrepreneurship/Startup Education for Students
2022.04.28. 08:30 – 2022.04.28. 18:00
1093. Budapest, Fővám tér 8.
Faculty Club
Information: loretta.huszak@uni-corvinus.hu

Kapcsolódó elérhetőségek

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The first Conference of the Danube Cup network, “Entrepreneurship/Startup Education for Students” will take place on 28 April at Corvinus.

The conference is organized in cooperation of Corvinus University and the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The conference is set to highlight the trends in entrepreneurship and startup education, to share experiences and knowledge and point out applied measures which can be implemented at other higher education institutions, incubators or accelerators.

On this basis, the organizers aim to support the dissemination of best practices and quality research, but also to provide a memorable experience through our hospitality and conference facilities in Budapest.

Who should attend the conference?

  • higher education and entrepreneurship educators and practitioners working inside or outside the curriculum
  • incubator and enterprise centre managers, project managers, business support professionals and others who support startups and international growth education
  • careers and employability professionals – particularly those interested in contributing to innovation-driven enterprises with great international growth potential
  • senior leaders in higher education who influence policy and strategy, related to enterprise and entrepreneurship education 
  • policy makers who have influence over the provision of enterprise and entrepreneurship education

You can find out more about the conference here.

If you have any question, please contact the organizers at conference@danubecup.eu

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