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Collective ideas on sustainability at the first ERS Agora 

In addition to the sustainability of the university, the programme will also discuss projects in the field of ethics and social responsibility.
2023.01.24. 09:00 – 2023.01.24. 15:00
1093. Budapest, Fővám tér 8.
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Programme language: Hungarian 

The ERS Hub invites all university citizens to the ERS Agora programme, where participants will discuss the University’s emerging sustainability strategy, brainstorm on possible projects and initiatives related to ethics, social responsibility and sustainability, and present good sustainability practices together with external partner universities. 

Registration is required for the event and reception to take place properly. If you wish to attend the buffet lunch, please register by 16 January 2022. 


ERS Agora – Sustainability Strategy – Let’s create a sustainability strategy for the University together! 

In order for the University to operate in a sustainable way and to integrate sustainability into its daily activities, a short and long-term strategy needs to be developed. In this context, we invite all interested colleagues and students to join us in thinking about the principles and directions that the University should take in its sustainability strategy. 

The involvement of university citizens will be led by the Corvinus University of Budapest ERS Hub (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability), which was established to coordinate projects and initiatives on ethics, responsibility and sustainability at the university level and to provide an open platform for the wide dissemination of projects, volunteers and supporters. 


Coffee break at the Agora venue 


ERS Agora – Projects Gallery – Let’s act together for the livability of our University! 

The ERS Agora will showcase past and ongoing projects as well as new initiatives. The aim of the workshop is to give visibility to each other’s activities related to ethics, responsibility and sustainability within the university. Let’s get to know each other’s work and actions, and let’s think further about what initiatives and actions we would like to see implemented in the future to make our University more liveable! 


Networking lunch break 


ERS Agora – Sustainability best practices in higher education in Hungary 

The Corvinus University of Budapest has joined the inter-university cooperation called the Sustainability Platform of Hungarian Universities, and as the first initiative we are organising this workshop for colleagues from the participating universities and our own university citizens. The aim of the workshop is to share good practices, initiate dialogue, explore potential synergies, strengthen cooperation and encourage practical implementation between the partner universities. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to learn about and draw inspiration from concrete sustainability practices of several Hungarian universities. 

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