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ChatGPT and the evolution of AI: The transformation of education, learning, and careers 

The country's biggest technology companies discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of work and education at Corvinus.
2023.04.17. 14:00
1093. Budapest, Fővám tér 8.
E building

The leaders of Microsoft, ExxonMobil, MSCI, SEON, HPE, MOL, Magyar Bankholding and MVM will showcase how they apply artificial intelligence in their everyday work through exciting stories and practical examples. 

During the discussions experts will debate the impact of AI on their companies and how they ensure responsible and ethical use AI in their worksplace. 

If you want to learn more about how AI works and its effects on the world of work, come to the Grand Hall of Building E on April 17th from 2pm and ask questions of AI experts! 

The event is open to all students, but registration is required! 

Date and Time: 17 April, 2023 14.00  

Venue: Main Building, Grand Hall (Fővám tér 8, Budapest, 1093) 

Language: Hungarian, English 

Keynote speaker: Arpad HODY, Customer Success and Support Lead, Microsoft 

Domestic panel discussion (in Hungarian) 

  • Tamas KADAR, CEO, SEON     
  • Marton HARS, Group Data Analytics Lead, MOL Group  
  • Balazs FERTIG, Recruiting and Onboarding Lead, Hungarian Bankholding 
  • Zsolt BERTALAN, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, MVM 

International panel discussion (in English) 

  • Arpad HODY, Customer Success and Support Lead – Hungary, Microsoft 
  • Tamas FRISCH, Data Services Lead, HPE 
  • Andras BOHAK, Head of Risk Management and Liquidity Research, MSCI 
  • Cristi NASTASE, Technology Architect, Strategy and Transformative Architecture, ExxonMobil 

The event is a great opportunity to gain insight into the future of artificial intelligence and understand its impact on current or future job roles. 

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