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14th International Student Conference on Cold War History Research

A Corvinus ad otthont az eseménynek, ahol neves nemzetközi előadók és hallgatók osztják meg legújabb kutatásaikat a hidegháború különböző aspektusairól.
2024.05.22. 00:00 – 2024.05.23. 23:59
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date: 22-23 May 2024 

Location: Corvinus E Main Building Lecture Hall II (opening ceremony) / Building C. 510 (panels 1 to 6)  


The conference is organised by the Centre for Cold War History at Corvinus University, in collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson Center, the London School of Economics and Columbia University. The programme will include a series of panel discussions and presentations covering a range of topics such as cultural narratives, ideological influences and Cold War strategies. 

Sergey Radchenko, Professor at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns  

Hopkins University delivers the keynote speech on “The Cold War’s Big Unanswered Questions: Another Look.” The professor will discuss his new book, To Run the World.  

The first panel discusses Cultural Narratives of the Cold War: Activism, Propaganda, and Political Symbols. At the secon and third panel the topic is going to be about Ideological boundaries and influences of the Cold War. In the afternoon, panels will focus on modern-day reflections on the Cold War, with presentations by international PhD students and professors. 

For more information, check the programs here.  

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