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End of RE-ACT project – Closing conference in Macerata

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

Colleagues and student research assistants from the GEO Department, Corvinus University, returned with pleasant experiences: the closing conference of the research project called RE-ACT which aimed to discover the various aspects of higher education institutions’ role in regional research and innovation was organised in Macerata, Italy on 20-21 June 2022. Members of the project team delivered presentations to representatives of other similar projects (e.g., UASiMAP, BEYONDSCALE, THEI2.0), and not only they acknowledged the relevance of the outcomes, but also considered our project and the results good examples to follow. Alessio Cavicchi and his colleagues at the host institute, the University of Macerata, did a great job with preparing the conference, and also organised memorable events for the free time of the consortium partners. Therefore, a very fruitful and enjoyable program closed the project that started 2,5 years ago.

We hope that there will be many universities that utilize the outcomes of our project, and maybe new researches will be built upon the experiences and networks established during the RE-ACT project.

Check out the latest news on the project website and social media!

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