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Elements of the renewed image and how to use them

The implementation of image elements on online and offline platforms is ongoing.

As previously reported, as part of the Corvinus University of Budapest renewal process started last year, the new image of the university was completed by November, the first elements of which have already appeared in the university’s external and internal communication, including social media and online platforms of the institution.


The implementation of image elements on online and offline platforms is ongoing. 

The image tools (e.g. official document template, ppt template, e-mail signature, fonts, stationery, etc.) will be made available to our employees on our website, with the help of user guides where necessary. We provide information on newly completed and uploaded items in Corvinus News regularly.

We are proud of the new image of the University; the colour scheme and design, as well as the typography of the new image comply with the requirements of authenticity, professionalism and durability, and at the same time they fit in with the visual trends of large Western universities. During the design we concentrated especially on making the visual message suitable for communicating with both the students and the business, economic and scientific world. The combination of blue and gold is an authentic reflection of clarity, knowledge and authenticity expected by the business world, while the secondary image elements and the colors associated with them give back the dynamism, momentum and playfulness that the young generation expects.

We hope you will all love the new visual appearance of the University!

Information: komunikacio@uni-corvinus.hu



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