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EduID – new way of remote access for databases

Besides VPN, EduID-technology can also be used for accessing subscribed library databases remotely.

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

Currently, the majority of databases and search platforms (SuperSearch, E-book/Journal search) are accessible also with EduID, while other databases can be accessed only by using VPN. For details check the lists below. After finding Corvinus on the different platforms, identify yourself with your Cusman credentials.

Databases available with EduID-access:

  • Journal collection (Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Sign-in/Login with EduID/Shibboleth/ Corvinus University of Budapest
  • EBSCO-databases: Institutional Login/ Hungarian eduID.hu Federation/Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Emerald Insight: Login/Access through your institution
  • JSTOR: Search for your institution/Corvinus University of Budapest
  • MarketLine: (Alternatively, you can sign-in via) Shibboleth/Corvinus University Budapest
  • OECD iLibrary: Log in/Sign in via your institution/Search by organization name/Corvinus University of Budapest/Go to Sign-in
  • SAGE HSS Collection: Sign-in/Institutional login/Access through your institution/Enter your institution name
  • SpringerLink, Springer E-books: Sign up/Access via your institution/Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Statista: Log in/Other services – Campus Access/If you have access – Off campus/Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Hungarian E-book publishers (Szaktárs): (Balassi, Gondolat, Kronosz, L’Harmattan, Napvilág, Osiris): Bejelentkezés EduID fiókkal/Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Taylor and Francis: Log in/Login via your institutiona/Access through your institution/Select your institution
  • Typotex: EduID belépés/Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem
  • Wiley Online: Login/Institutional login/Search for your institution/Corvinus University of Budapest

The list is being extended continuously.

Databases with VPN-access only:

  • IMD World Competitiveness Online
  • EMIS

Access is available (also) with personal account:

  • Dictionaries (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • MTA MERSZ (Hungarian Scholarly ebooks from Academy of Sciences)
  • Orbis
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