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E-mail system change

ITSC notification about e-mail system change starting at 24. 08. 2020.

Dear Colleague,

in case Your e-mails are already arriving into Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) then this mail is not meant for You, please ignore it.

If you are still using the old Zimbra mail system then please read this information very carefully.

The University management has made a decision about using an unified mail system, (the cloudservice of Microsoft 365) instead of the two mail systems running parallel to each other at the moment. We have scheduled the change so that it is convenient for the workers of the University during the summer vacations and still finish it before the start of the next school semester. We have scheduled the introduction of the new mail solution so that the transition at the organizational level will take place if possible until the beginning of the academic year, but we will put as little burden on the university staff as possible during the summer holidays.

The recent Zimbra university mailing system will be replaced, from 24.08.2020 we start using Outlook from Microsoft 365. From this date all new mails will arrive to the cloud storage and your old mails will be kept for a year in the old mailing system. The mails in the local folders will be avaiable at your old mailing system (Thunderbird).

The whole switch is expected to take place in three days. The individual mailboxes will be activated by the cloudprovider (Microsoft) at a given time during this time period.

Until the activation of the cloud mailbox the e-mails will arrive in the Zimbra system, after that you will find your new mails at this website.

You can only access the institutional e-mail addresses after password change due to technical reasons. Please change the password at cusman.uni-corvinus.hu page.

If you don’t want any loss in your mailing you can ask a prior switch to the new system before 14th of August. After the switch, ISZK can only help you with migrating your old e-mails after August 31.

Questions and answers

  • What should you know about the change?
    During the change you will not be able to get and send e-mails. Your old e-mails will stay in the previous system, you need to move them manually into Outlook Microsoft 365.
  • Does this change apply to me?
    If you see the icon of Outlook after logging into office.com then it does not. If the icon is not there, then yes.
  • What are the advantages of Outlook Microsoft 365?
    Bigger storage space (50 GB) and more functions are available. The main functions are mailing, calendar, contacts and todo. You can use your Teams profile picture instead of a monogram.
  • Can I still use Thunderbird?
    Microsoft 365 Outlook is not compatible with Thunderbird. Your e-mails kept in the local folders will be still available there.
  • How will the accidentally deleted mails be recovered?
    ISZK will not have any saved data of your mails, so recovery is also not possible. You can use the built in trash can of the Outlook.

For more information and with questions please contact the IT Helpdesk.

IT Helpdesk contacts:

e-mail: helpdesk@uni-corvinus.hu

Phone: +36 1 482 7500 (extension: 7500)

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