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Dibya Rathi introduction

University position / job: Assistant Research Fellow 

Professional qualification: PhD fellow 

Academic degree: PhD 

Organisational unit: Department of Logistics and Supply Chain management, Institute of Business Economics 

Brief introduction:

I am a PhD scholar at Corvinus University of Budapest under the Horizon 2020 MSCA fellowship. I will be researching Gender Issues within the realms of Procurement under Prof. Tátrai Tünde and Prof. Vörösmarty Gyöngyi and am associated with the SAPIENS network. I am looking forward to collaborating and working with fellow researchers and teams to develop ideas and research works of value during this tenure.

I can adapt and work in multi-cultural teams owing to having lived and worked in 5 countries and am a very curious person in general. Well, I can be very talkative at times but I make sure to be an active listener in any conversation. In my free time, I like to cook and watch movies.

Detailed CV avaliable here.

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