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Dear Colleagues,

Life goes on; sometimes, faster than it should or so it seems.

Life goes on; sometimes, faster than it should or so it seems. On the positive side, we just started, and we have already reached the third issue of the Corvinus Newsletter. We are proud to say that the news in the previous issue in March earned us a good number of clicks so we can safely assume that this new platform for the exchange of research news (submitted by the various Institutes, the Library, the Labs, the Research Centres as well as individual researchers) found its right place among the various communication channels at Corvinus.

Naturally, while the university’s buildings looked very quiet during the last months of the lockdown, work has continued below the surface. This issue is an excellent proof to that: once again we can share with our Faculty news on a great number of online workshops and conferences, book launches, the acquisition of new data bases and software, project news and much more.

Research Management has been brimming with old and new projects alike. You can read detailed reports on some these projects and events in latter parts of the Newsletter so let me call your attention only to the most important ones here. The best authors of the previous three years were celebrated and honoured through the first-ever Corvinus Research Excellence (CKK) Award in April. 33 awards and over 80 million HUF were distributed among the winners in the hope that researchers realise the value of this award (and of research) and an even higher number of applications will be submitted in 2022.

Just a little while ago we had the traditional Corvinus Research Week during which you were invited to a variety of presentations. This five-day celebration of research proved highly successful once again: both the number of the events and the rate of attendance significantly increased as compared to the January Week. Among the many lectures a good number focused on the most important software available at Corvinus – many more than one might actually imagine. While there was no Meet the Editor lecture during the week, the series is to continue in the autumn, as are the various forms of training. At least one completely new course entitled Research A-Z is planned for the autumn, which will aim to provide a practical overview of the entire research process with a focus on how our knowledge can be utilised not only when carrying out research ourselves but also when supervising and guiding our students.

Another measure, close to my heart and close to completion is the Corvinus Acculturation Programme (C-PAP). The entire workflow system is to be reintroduced in a much more user-friendly version in the early autumn. And last but not least, do not forget that the one-million-Forint budget available through the Research Seminar project is already available to those Institutes who wish to organise a research event with an invited guest. The Research Centre for Sports Business at the Institute of Business Economics has set an excellent example to all of us by organising the first such event on 24 June. Follow in their footsteps.

At the end of this extraordinary pandemic academic year, let me thank you for all your research efforts and congratulate you on your successes. Enjoy the summer months and let us hope that the next academic year brings us a lot of opportunities to meet in person.

Take care and stay safe,

Gyula Vastag 
Professor, Vice-Rector for Research

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