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Corvinus University of Budapest has joined the Urban European Research Alliance 

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What is UERA? 

The Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA) is a collaboration created by JPI Urban Europe as part of the Driving Urban Transition (DUT) partnership. UERA currently has 58 European research organizations from 20 European countries. UERA brings together research organizations to strengthen, expand and optimize coordination activities and research planning in Europe to avoid fragmentation and optimize resources in urban research and innovation capacities. 

At the Paris General Assembly in 2022 on April 5, 2022, Corvinus University of Budapest joined the Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA) network, which has great potential for both parties. As a new member, the representatives of CUB had the opportunity to present the professional work of the relevant institutional units to many members, including our teaching, research activities and our partnerships.  

Representatives of 20 universities or research institutes of the institution attended the general meeting online, as well as another 10-15 representatives in person from all over Europe. Our university has joined two UERA professional working groups: “Urban Environmental Sustainability and Resilience” and “Participation and governance”. 

Within the framework of the UERA General Assembly in 2022, 8 new organizations joined the cooperation, including the Corvinus University of Budapest, increasing the number of members to 66 (from 22 countries).  

The two-day event provided an opportunity to build relationships with representatives of several renowned European universities, such as Gustave Eiffel University in Paris, Aalborg University, Karsruhe University of Technology, Bocconi University in Milan and the University of Zilina. 

UERA contact for Corvinus University of Budapest: Dorottya Teveli-Horváth, NPRTI Department of Economic Geography, Geoeconomics and Sustainable Development, dorottya.teveli-horvath@uni-corvinus.hu 

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