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Complaint submission

Dear Student,

Dear Submitter,

If you have a complaint with a service falling within the competence of the Student Services, you can submit your complaint to the leadership as follow:

1.In case you have a student status:

The “Do IT Online” interface allows you to quickly and easily launch a case for a complaint:

Login -> Choose “Complaint Submission” -> Start new case

2. In case you have no student status:

You can write via email to hsz.panasz@uni-corvinus.hu with your complaint.

A complaint is an individual feedback in which the complainant objects to a specific procedure, a response time or a conflict of interest. The handling of the complaint must not be subject to another existing procedure or policy (e.g., a legal remedy).
1.) Formal requirements of the subject of the email:
Please write in the subject of the letter “Complaint submission:” and the area within the Student Services you would like to submit a complaint about. Please choose from the following:

  • student education affairs, study administration,
  • student finances, scholarships,
  • psychological or mental health counseling,
  • digital platforms,
  • onboarding activity.

2.) Content requirements of the email/ case:

Briefly describe the nature and reasons of your complaint, including the following relevant circumstances:

  • the channel through which the communication took place,
  • when?
  • with whom?
  • what is the subject of your objection?
  • what was the harm?

Write down your specific request, your needs, what would have been an acceptable solution for you, and it will be answered within 5 working days by the Head of the area of competence. 

Complaints related to the operation of other organizational units do not fall within the competence of the Student Services!

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