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Be a lecturer at the Researchers’ Night here at the Corvinus!

On Friday, 28 November 2020 the Corvinus University of Budapest will join the Europe-wide series of events called Researchers’ Night again.

We expect applications from colleagues who would be interested to participate in this event as a lecturer or programme organizer, and would be ready to present the results of their research work and programmes to the general public.

Topics for this year:

What are the questions that Hungary’s leading university of social science, the flagship of the 100-year-old independent Hungarian economist education is trying to answer?

Please read the following detailed information on the event, and indicate your intention to participate as a lecturer until 16 October 2020.

Let’s make this event as rich and substantial as possible here at the Corvinus!


About the Researchers’ Night

The Researchers’ Night organised across Europe welcomes people interested in science every year. The objective of the event is to present the importance of science and researchers’ career in spectacular, interactive and colourful programmes,

At the first Researchers’ Night, only a few institutions opened their gates and organised interesting programmes, but last year already close to 50 towns in Hungary welcomed visitors at more than 200 locations and with more than 2500 programmes. All over Europe, in almost 500 towns, more than one million people attended the celebration of science.


In 2020, because of the pandemic, the officials of the European Commission that initiated and partly finances the event decided to organise the programmes on 27 and 28 November across Europe, instead of the usual date at the end of September

How is the Corvinus related to this event?

This year the Corvinus University of Budapest will have the chance again to present itself to the audience as the “citadel” of economic sciences. The University will open its gates and on-line channels on November 27for one day for the wider audience.

The coronavirus epidemic is another proof of the fact that science plays an important role in the formulation of the future of or world. Research and development and innovation, and the production of new knowledge-intensive products are the tokens of the future competitiveness of Europe. This is especially true for the economic renewal in the period following the epidemic. This is why it is of special importance to present the role and the work of researchers, and to draw young people’s attention to the possibilities offered by research and development careers.

The objective of this series of events is to show the actual social benefits of the work of researchers in an interactive and exciting way, and to make the researcher profession more popular among young people and their parents.

The programmes allow for the organisation of real Science Cafés and other interactive events, where current research subjects can be discussed with the audience in a pleasant atmosphere.

Social science “laboratories” (research centres) can also open their doors to a larger audience, who can get acquainted with our work in a playful way.

Unfortunately, the unexpected epidemic situation presented new challenges to us, so our intention is to organise as many events in the on-line space as possible,

Following a preliminary registration and observing all the requirements related to the epidemic, laboratories and research centres may join the events with their programmes and may welcome interested people in person. If it is not possible to hold the planned events in the on-line space, and the epidemic situation does not allow us to hold them in person, then, unfortunately, they will be cancelled from the programme. Please bear this in mind when you submit your application!

The Researchers’ Night is the most important domestic event of the science-society interface, where the researchers of the University can show themselves and promote their activities to the widest possible audience.


The Corvinus University of Budapest is celebrating an anniversary this year: the 100th birthday of the independent Hungarian economic education, therefore our plan is to connect the Researchers’ Night to this anniversary. We would like to provide the programme with a framework that displays the wide horizon of scientific life at the University, and allows for the promotion of the research work carried out at the University, too.

The framework in which we expect initiatives is as follows:

Research and modernity at the Corvinus

What are the questions that Hungary’s leading university of social science, the flagship of the 100-year-old independent Hungarian economist education is trying to answer?

This year, the focus is on secondary school pupils again. We are looking forward to receiving applications from teachers, researchers, research groups and departments, who would like to present the interesting features of their scientific areas in an exciting lecture or interactive programme, connected to the main topic.


You may apply until 16 October 2020 by filling in the following form and by sending the exact contents and topics of the events.

Additional information about the Researchers’ Night can be found on the website of the event, too.

Further information:

Éva Bordás – Tóth


+3670 364 81 81

Research Management Office 



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