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Awards and recognitions of the department

The colleagues of the Department of Decision Sciences were awarded several times

The colleagues of the Department of Decision Sciences were awarded several grants and won recognition between 2014 and 2020, too.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

In 2014 Zoltán Buzády won the CEEMAN International Case Writing Competition for the second time.
In 2015 Ágnes Wimmer won the Master of Logistics award of Magyar Logisztikai, Beszerzési és Készletezési Társaság (MLBKT – HALPIM – Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management).

In 2015 Ágnes Wimmer won the Master Teacher Gold Medal of Országos Tudományos Diákköri Tanács (OTDT – Hungarian Students’ Scientific Association Council)
In 2017 Ágnes Wimmer received Rector’s Honour.
In 2017 Orsolya Lazányi was awarded the Europe and Latin America Sustainable Innovation and Knowledge Academic Network student grant, with which she spent 4 months in Argentina, in the town of San Salvador de Jujuy as auditor of the National University of Jujuy.
In 2018 the doctoral thesis of Alexandra Köves supervised by György Pataki ‘Back from the Future: Defining Sustainable Employment through Backcasting’ won the ‘highly commended’ award of the Emerald/EFMD ‘Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards’ global recognition in the human resource management category.
In 2018 Réka Matolay was awarded the Prominent Mentor Award.
In 2018 Zoltán Buzády was awarded the international Pedagogy Innovation award at the CEEMAN championship.

In 2019 Gabriella Kiss, Alexandra Köves won a publication award in the best international article category (MTA Gazdálkodástudományi Bizottság Ipar- és Vállalatgazdaságtan Albizottság – HAS (Hungarian Academy of Science) Industry and Business Economics Subcommittee of Business Administration Committee) 

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