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Apply as a Technical Track Manager at the POMS international conference hosted by Corvinus

Corvinus University of Budapest will host the POMS International Conference between June 29-July 1, 2022.

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The organizers would like to employ 8-10 “Technical Track Managers” at the POMS International 2022 – Budapest conference. The positions are primarily open for Corvinus students.

The job of the “Technical Track Manager, POMS International Conference 2022 – Budapest” (this is the job title you can use in your CV) is to help conference participants, in their assigned tracks, with the technical issues of their presentation (e.g., upload the presentation or help with the audio-visual instruments in the classrooms) and to serve as first-line problem solvers of technical problems. Prior to the conference, practical training will be provided by colleagues from the University Computer Center (who will also be onsite during the conference). The conference runs from June 29 till July 1 and all assignments are expected that in this time frame.

The advantages of taking up this opportunity are many:

  1. An opportunity to interact with and observe many of the top scholars in the field of Production and Operations Management,
  2. Two (2) credit hours given by the Heads of the respective doctoral schools (Business Administration or Economics, Business and Informatics),
  3. An opportunity to learn (free of charge) how to use all the fancy gadgetry in the classrooms that may come handy later when you are teaching a course,
  4. Free meals and refreshments during the conference,
  5. Free T-shirt.

In order to be accepted for this position fluency in English is a must and basic level of computer literacy is assumed.

If you are interested please send an email to gyula.vastag@uni-corvinus.hu (copy melinda.pap@uni-corvinus) with your CV attached on or before 1:00 PM, June 17 (Friday).

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