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An incredibe alumni event at Department of Public Policy

The Department of Public Policy in coperation with the Corvinus Alumni Office has recently had the privilege of bringing together nearly 50 great alumni from our PUMA program, spanning across 10 different countries and diverse professional fields.

The event started with a reflection on 1992 when the journey began – the Department of Public Policy was founded at the predecessor of Corvinus University. Initially a two-year specialization in public policy and public service was offered, which evolved over the years. The transformative moment arrived in 2006 with the introduction of the Public Service BA program. The history of our department continued with the establishment of the Public Policy and Management Master Program in 2008 in Hungarian. A few years later, in 2011, The English version, the so-called PUMA program was born.

A special highlight of the event was the presence of one of our founding fathers, Professor György Jenei. His shared memories transported us back to the transition era in the 1990s, where he and his colleagues were pioneers in establishing scientific and professional international relations with Western European partner organizations.

The current head of the department, Prof. György Hajnal also shared the remarkable journey that led to the development of the program with a unique profile even in international comparison. The multidisciplinary nature of the public policy and public management program is a distinctive feature at Corvinus – the strong economics component with a combination of sociology makes our program outstanding.

The event was not just a reunion; it was a celebration of the department’s rich history, the diverse achievements of our alumni, and the unique academic path we have paved together. We hope that we can foster many more connections, share experiences, and preserve our heritage and excellence in the coming years as well.

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