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A summary on Prof. Dr. Márta Ujvári’s recent publications and citations

As part of Prof. Emeritus Dr. Márta Ujvári’s ongoing research project in, and contribution to, modern analytic metaphysics, a recent paper was published, first on-line, on March, 19, 2021, in Metaphysica (Walter de Gruyter journal, ranking Q1).

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The title of the single-authored paper is ‘Holism Resurfacing: How Far Should We Go With It?’ DOI: https://www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/mp-2020-0033/html  The paper will come out in paper format by the end of this year. 

Professor Ujvári’s previous Q1 journal publications and book published by a well-ranked academic international publishing house have led to citations in further Q1 journals in this year as well. See: Andrew D. Bassford, Daniel C. Dolson: Counterfactual Similarity, Nomic Indiscernibility, and the Paradox of Quidditivism’, Inquiry (Routledge journal) 2021.v. 64. published online in March, 04. The authors cite:  Ujvári ‘Individual Essence: Gibt es Solche?’ Metaphysica, 2013. 14. n. 1. pp. 17- 30.  

Professor Márta Ujvári’s same paper was cited last year as well in another Q1 journal: Karol Lenart, Artur Szachniewicz: ‘Strong Pluralism, Coincident Objects and Haecceitism’. Axiomathes  (Springer journal) 2020. 30/1, 347-370. 

 Dr. Ujvari’s book published by Ontos Verlag (Frankfurt) has been cited in this year: J. T. M. Miller: ‘A Bundle Theory of Worlds’, Synthese (Springer journal) 198(12) June, 2021.  Citation: Ujvári, The Trope Bundle Theory of Substance. Change, Individuation and  Indiviudal Essence. Ontos Verlag Frankfurt, 2013. 

The same book is cited in the entry ‘Tropes’ of Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Anna-Sofia Maurin, author of the entry (dated: July2018.) Here part “1. Historical Background” contains reference to the professor’s book incorporated also into the bibliography of the entry on tropes. 

The citations have been collected and forwarded to the author by ResearchGate, a helpful and very useful organization for academic researchers. 

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Márta Ujvári’s note on the summary: “Supplying these data has no bearing on academic career given my emeritus status. But affiliation is indicated in the publications, and, albeit indirectly, in the citations as well giving the rationale of such data supply by emeriti.”  

Contact: marta.ujvari@uni-corvinus.hu 

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