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6th International Conference on Fossil & Renewable Energy in Houston, USA

Tamás Mizik, associate professor of the Institute for the Development of Enterprises participated in the 6th Fossil and Renewable Energy Conference which took place in Houston, USA between 15-17 February 2022.

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The conference was organised by the United Scientific Group. At the time of registration and for a few weeks afterwards, it looked as if the conference would be held in person. However, a few weeks before the conference, the majority of the participants opted for the online event, so the conference switched to an online mode.   

A total of 117 experts participated in the conference, either with a paper or a poster presentation. The topics covered were very diverse, such as artificial intelligence and smart energy systems, the whole spectrum of renewable energies (e.g. solar, wind, hydro, geothermal), but also different energy saving solutions. Tamás Mizik’s presentation on „Fuel Alternatives in Private Transportation” was placed into the renewable energy section, where mostly European researchers presented their results.  

Tamás Mizik’s paper on the subject has been published as a book chapter by Springer: 

Mizik, Tamás (2022): Sustainable Fuels in Private Transportation–Present and Future Potential. pp. 9-26. (Chapter 2). In: Di Blasio, Gabriele; Agarwal, Avinash Kumar; Belgiorno, Giacomo; Shukla, Pravesh Chandra (szerk.) Clean Fuels for Mobility. Singapore, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, 241 p. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-16-8747-1_

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