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2nd Corvinus Research Camp in Marketing Held in November 2020

English language research workshop for faculty and PhD students

The Institute of Marketing held an English language research workshop for faculty and PhD students on the latest methodological developments in the field of marketing research.
By Judit Simon and Tamás Gyulavári


 To further support the exponentially intensifying publication activity of the Institute of Marketing, we established ‘Corvinus Research Camp in Marketing’ series in 2019. The leading international researchers within marketing disciplines are welcome to hold workshops. The second event of the camp was organized on November 6, 2020, the aims of which were:

  • to provide a research workshop for faculty members of the Institute and those interested to listen to a scientific presentation on methodological development of marketing research and to discuss key issues afterwards,
  • to offer a forum for PhD students of the Institute’s Doctoral Programme to present and discuss their research. The seminar gave them an opportunity to receive feedback and recommendations from the academic staff of the Institute and from the invited professor from abroad in a period between their complex exam and the defence of their thesis or dissertation.

Naresh K. Malhotra, Emeritus Professor of Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the most respected representatives of international marketing, was the guest of honour, the speaker of the workshop and the invited speaker for PhD students’ presentation.

There has been a long collaboration between Professor Malhotra and the Institute, his textbook, Marketing Research, which is widely used in theoretical and practical research and is a compulsory textbook in our Marketing Master Programme, has been published by Akadémiai Kiadó, and now even the second Hungarian edition is out of print. Professor Malhotra is one of the marketing professors who is on the list of the world’s TOP 2% scientific researchers in marketing sciences. It is an honour for our Institute that this year Professor Naresh K. Malhotra accepted our invitation, gave a lecture and as an invited speaker provided input to PhD students’ work.

In his lecture entitled ‘New Challenges of Research Methodology’, one of the most dedicated representative of marketing research has drawn attention to the importance of high standards of scientific research methodology and the way research outcomes are published. His lecture and the discussion afterwards provided valuable support to us regarding our publishing activities with international journals.

Within the framework of the workshop, six students gave a presentation about their research results and future plans: students in Marketing specialization: Zsuzsanna Kun: Effect of diabetes on the Household Consumption, Attila Mucsi: The link between service quality, satisfaction, image and loyalty in the international higher education context, and Anna Török: The empowerment of women through femvertising; students in Tourism specialization: Kitti Boros: Individual level of the conference tourism: different perceptions of the people involved in the industry, Sára Hegedüs: Pro-environmental consumer behaviour in tourism, and László Kökény: Online risk management strategies for travel booking in the lights of COVID-19.

The workshop was a great success which was attended not only by students and their supervisors but also by many of our staff members. We have a plan to continue the series in 2021, hopefully with personal or hybrid participation.

The English-language online workshop was supported by EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP 16-2017-00007 ‘Young researchers from talented students’ project, thank for the support! 

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