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From August 2018 a new area has begunin the life of the Student Council. The existing structure has been replaced bya completely new one. In the new system the professional work is carried out byseven divisions and one committee. The goal of the divisions is to provide highquality service for the student body.

·        Division of Economy

·        Division of Communication

·        Division of Human Resources

·        Division of Event management

·        Division of Studnet Associations

·        Division of Education

·        Division of the Campus ofSzékesfehérvár

and the Committee of Dormitories

In October 2018 the framework of ouroperation along with the new Charter were approved and legitimized by theDelegate Assembly – the highest decision-making organ of the Student Council.In the Charter a one-chamber Student Council has been established. Owing to therenewed structure the Student Council is able to represent the interests ofCorvinus University students in a more unified way.

Furthermore, the time of decisionmaking and response have been significantly accelerated. As part of thetransformation the Student Council created a more proportional electoral codeso during the spring elections it was possible to vote for individual membersand lists of representatives.

Our mission:

Information: We inform the students aboutall the important news and changes in the university, which they definitelyhave to know.

Advocacy of the students’ interests:  We represent the interests of the students,because decisions are often made at the university, where the opinion of thestudents is the most important. We have significant voting rights in theFaculty Councils and in the Senate, where the questions affected the universityare decided with our participation.

Service:Through our programs and student events, we would like to contribute to theenrichment of the university life. Our goal is to make the students’ life spentat university even better, which of course also includes organising communitybuilding events.

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