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Information for students

05. 22. – Provision of the Presidential Committee – amendment in the rules of the examinations

Dear University Citizens,

Please be advised that a new Provision of thePresidential Committee has been published:

Provisions of thePresidential Committee No 34/2020. (V. 22.) on the amendment of the

Provisions of the33/2020. (V. 18.) Presidential Committee to the implementation of Government Decree 211/2020(V.16) on protection measures in the capital. 

The amendment concerns the rules of the examinationsclosing the bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate specialist training courses(complex examinations and bachelor/ master thesis defence) (Section 4 ofArticle 1) with regard to the Hungarian and foreign students.

The document is available and downloadable at thefollowing link.

Theconsolidated versions of all documents are downloadable from the website under„current consolidated version” of provisions.

For alldocuments, „Current consolidated version” refers to the version of the textthat is in force at the given moment.

Kind regards,

Corvinus University of Budapest 

05.18. – Provisions by the Presidential Committee regarding the spring semester’s final exams

Due to the lifting of Hungary’s stay-at-home order, the leadership of the University made the decision to conduct the final exams of Hungarian and non Hungarian, but currently residing in Hungary in person. Those students who haven’t registered to a final exam yet can do so until May 24 by filling out the respective form in the Neptun system, while those non-Hungarian student who currently do not reside in Hungary can register to their on-line final exams until May 27 by filling out the Neptun form.

You can find our summary of the provisions here

05.07. – Regulating the conduction of certain doctoral acts online

In the following guidance we summarize the most important information and deadlines regarding the online conduction of doctoral acts in accordance with the Provisions of the Presidential Committee No 32/2020. (V. 6.) published on 6 May 2020.

The information can be found in this document.

Important information on the online conduction of doctoral acts

Which doctoral acts are affected by the online conduction?

Comprehensive exams, thesis proposal discussions and public dissertation defences are affected by the online conduction.  

Will the method of conduction change or will the requirements change as well?

The method of conduction shall solely change, the requirements shall remain unchanged as described in the Doctoral Rules and the Organisational and Operational Rules of certain doctoral schools.  

Who is affected by the online conduction?

All second-year students who have entered for the comprehensive exam as well as all the students who have already submitted their thesis proposal or dissertation and for whom the competent body has already appointed the evaluation committees in the doctoral procedure are affected by the online conduction.  

On which platforms will the online doctoral acts be conducted?

The online doctoral acts shall be conducted on Teams, so everyone taking part in the doctoral acts (candidate, supervisor, committee members, invited parties) should have this software at their disposal as well as reliable internet connection and computer suitable for transmitting video and sound simultaneously.  

What are the key elements of the online conduction?

The students and the staff of the university contributing to the organization of the doctoral act shall upload all documentation (paper to be submitted depending on the nature of the doctoral act, thesis proposal, dissertation, professional-scientific CV of the candidate, opponent’s evaluations, the candidate’s reply thereto and the candidate’s audio presentation) in advance to the homepage of the Corvinus Doctoral Schools in order to ensure the necessary publicity.  

Are the online doctoral acts open to anyone who is interested?

Unfortunately, the technical facilities are currently limited, joining a Teams meeting on a massive scale would significantly impaire the video and sound quality which would jeopardise the successful conduction of the doctoral act in question. Therefore, the meeting may only be joined by the candidate, the supervisor, the members of the committee, the invited parties and those who have declared their interest to take part in it in advance, and it is not possible to ensure the participation of those interested in the meeting spontaneously.  

Is it possible to raise questions and share remarks in connection with the submitted paper?

Yes, prior to the thesis proposal discussion and the public dissertation defence anyone can raise questions and share remarks in connection with the papers uploaded to the homepage of the Corvinus Doctoral Schools. The candidate shall respond to the substance of these questions during the doctoral act.  

Will the online doctoral acts be applied only during the period of the control of coronavirus, or the opportunity for the online conduction will remain in use in the future as well?

The Presidential Committee provides for the opportunity for the online doctoral acts until revocation, however, in the framework of the project regarding the renewal of the doctoral education we are already planning to apply this genre in other exceptional circumstances (permanent residency abroad, sickness, pregnancy, etc.) as well. 

04.28. – Semester closing, exam period, thesis submitting

Due to the coronavirus-epidemic examinations and thesis submitting faces changes this semester. In the menu below we have collected the most important questions and deadlines you should know about. The shared information can be read in the Provision of the Presidential Committee published on April 24. 

Important information about the spring exam period

How will exams be held?

Both oral and writtenexams will be arranged and held online.

The acceptance ofoffered grades will take place as usual on Neptun. 

Which platforms will be used for the exams?

Whereas oral exams willbe held on Microsoft Teams, written exams will be held on Moodle and MicrosoftTeams (Forms application).


Where and how can one register for the exams?

Registration for theexams will take place as before, on Neptun, but for each of the exams the typeof the exam (Teams or Moodle) will be displayed rather than the number of theexam room.

Exam registration period:

  • exam registration forthose who fill in the HALVEL questionnaire: from 04. 05 (undergraduate programmes from 07:45 am; graduate andpostgraduate specialist programmes from 01:15 pm) – to 08. 05. (until 11.59 pm);
  • registration for springsemester exam for those not taking their final exam: from 08. 05. (from 12:00pm) – to 18.16. (until 11:59 pm)
  • registration for springsemester exams for those taking their final exam: from 08.05.(from 12 pm) – to04.06. (until 11.59 pm) 

When will the exams be announced?

The exams will beannounced between 27.04.2020 and 03.05.2020, as scheduled. The exams will beadvertised by institute administrators or instructors. 

How will exam timetables be created?

In case of the oralexams, the lecturers may advertise them in two ways:

I. either by defining timeslots for which a given numberof students may register. The instructors will allocate a time for each studentwithin the timeslot and advise you of when and how you can take the exam,

II. or the exams will be announced for exact time slots,for which students can apply.

Written exams will takeplace on Moodle in 55-minute blocks (Longer exams will be allocated a longerblock.  There is a technical reason for blocksto be defined in 55 minutes: servers can only handle 450 students at a time.) (Note:the number of 300-400 students/exam originally included in the provision hassince been increased to 450, reaching and using the absolute maximum capacityof Moodle.)

What types of exam are to be expected?

Oral exams will be heldon Teams, probably in group video calls with 2-5 students. Where appropriate,lecturers may also decide to conduct individual exams. The lecturer shall havethe right to record the oral exam. You may also expect Open Book-type exams,that is, questions assessing the application of knowledge, problem solving andpragmatic questions.

Written exams will takeplace using the various testing functions of Moodle and Forms or by requiringthe submission of an assignment.

More information will laterfollow on the exact form of the exams through Neptun. 

Will students with special needs/disabilities receive any assistance?

Certainly. We will takecare of ensuring individual conditions for these students. We take this opportunityto ask students with special needs to contact Ms. Melinda Rózsa DisabilityCoordinator at with anyqueries, problems with their studies, with the organisation of exams or withthe submission of their theses

Important information on thesis submission

Theses may only be submittedelectronically.

 As we have informed you before, thedeadline of thesis submissions has been modified as follows:

 The deadlines for submission are asfollows:

  • For the following undergraduate programmes: 18.05.2020 (Monday) 02:00 pm:
    Business and Management, BusinessInformatics, Commerce and Marketing, Rural Development Engineering, Applied Economics,Economic and Financial Mathematical Analysis, Political Science.

  • For the following undergraduate programmes: 18.05.2020(Monday) 03:00 pm:
    Finance and Accounting, Tourism andCatering, Human Resources, Communication and Media Science, InternationalRelations, Sociology

  • For the undergraduateprogramme in International Business Economics: 18.05.2020 (Monday) 03:00 – in Neptun!
  • For graduateprogrammes: 19.05.2020(Tuesday) 03:00 pm
  • For postgraduatespecialist programmes: 20.05. 2020 (Wednesday) 03:00 pm 

For each programme, the submissionplatform shall be Moodle, except for the International Business Economicsundergraduate programme where it shall be Neptun. The theses shall be uploadedaccompanied by the Urkund plagiarism report. The anti-plagiarism regulations aswell as information on the use of the Urkund software are available on Neptun’s landing page.

03.22. – Schedule information – explanatory table

The following explanatory table contributes to the better understanding of the regulation titled “Schedule information for students having even and odd weekly classes” issued in the circular letter of 19 March 2020.
Student information 03.22.

03.20. – Information on exam and final exam opportunity for foreign students

In the current situation, it is very difficult to foresee, how long the emergency connected to the coronavirus epidemic and the compulsory distance education in the Hungarian higher education system will last. Our university is prepared to complete this academic year, including the exam period, in this form.

According to this, the University provides exam and final exam opportunity in distance education format for those foreign students who have already traveled home and for those who are currently planning to travel home. The university will offer this opportunity for foreign students even if the emergency will be ended by the start of the exam period and the university education will revert from the distance education to the pre-emergency education regime, but the student will not be able to return to the University and appear in the exam or in the final exam in person.

This official news was issued by the Vice-Rector for Education, Prof. Dr. Lajos György Szabó.
Student information 03.20.

03.19. – Information on distance learning

Corvinus University will introduce online education from the 23rd of March due to the national emergency because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please find detailed information on the technical implementation of distance learning, internship issues, timetable, language courses and the use of university email addresses.
Student information 03.19.

03.13. Information on the establishment of the distance learning system

According to the information of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology yesterday, higher education institutions have to create the conditions for distance teaching by 23 March 2020, to ensure that all students are able to complete the semester. The first and most important steps can be found in the Student information letter below.
Student information 03.13.
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